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About us

Obsessing about where you live is an overwhelming concern and endless pastime. Our mission at Ago Go Plaza is to tell great stories, delivered with all the context you need to know about homes, neighborhoods, and cities—while serving up a constant source of inspiration.

Since 2004, Ago Go Plaza has been an integral part of the online housing industry, and by providing analysis, coverage, and insight, we apply an editorial lens to the onslaught of information. Unlike a glossy shelter magazine, we see homes, architecture, interior design, cities, neighborhoods, and properties for sale as related points on a spectrum. An artfully styled home shoot isn’t the be-all-end-of-all in the life of a residence: It’s one station along a continuously evolving timeline.

If you love where you live, or want to, chances are you feel as strongly about the new park on your corner as you do about your lack of dishwasher, or the sustainable properties of a concrete building in the desert. We’ve got you covered across 14 American cities, while our central site, Ago Go Plaza .com, covers every place (and trend, and big idea) in between.

We want Ago Go Plaza to be your go-to, wherever you are. Kick back and watch Ago Go Plaza videos posted daily on Facebook, get our breaking news updates on Twitter, scroll through our aspirational kitchen galleries on Pinterest, and get a daily dose of design inspiration via Instagram.